City applying for the title of European Capital of Culture


Beograd, May 4, 2012
The participation of the “Mixer Festival” and its project “Young Balkan Designers” at the International Festival of Creative Communication – “Magdalena”, which is held in Maribor on May 17-20, 2012, will launch the cooperation between Maribor, as the current European Capital of Culture, and the “Beograd 2020” project, as the most significant strategic cultural project of the City of Beograd.

The “Mixer” is going to present to European experts one of the most important cultural events of the Serbian capital and the entire region – the “Mixer Festival”. Its specific programme for this year is focused on the revitalization of Savamala and the re-identification of this quarter as the social and cultural centre of Beograd. It will also serve for the exchange of experience regarding the organization of cultural events with the representatives of similar projects from the EU.

The representatives of the “Mixer” will present the competition for young industrial designers named “Young Balkan Designers” and its development from a small but pioneering local project to a regional competition. The winning works from this competition will be part of the designer exhibition of this international festival of creative communication.

Maribor, as the European Capital of Culture, and “Magdalena”, as a recognized international festival, are significant partners for starting the project on establishing the association of creative events, which will be initiated by the “Mixer” on the second day of the “Mixer Festival”. Because of this project, Beograd will be the centre that connects the sixteen most relevant regional events dealing with the development and popularization of creative disciplines.